To assist our parents with getting the information they need – we’ve compiled a FAQ list below. For anything not covered here – take a look around our website or use the Contact Us page.

Q: When does my son/daughter have to wear their uniform ?

As we are a uniformed organisation, we expect your child to wear uniform for all weekly meetings unless otherwise instructed by their section leaders.  This consists of dark coloured outdoor trousers / shorts, the top or shirt that is relevant for their section, their neckerchief and woggle. Uniform should also be worn when your child is travelling to and from an organised camp.  Full uniform together with dark shoes must be worn at any parades that the Group take part in.

Q: My child has a friend who wants to join…

We are always pleased to hear from anyone wishing to join our group.  However they cannot just turn up to a meeting night.  We have waiting lists for Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Explorers and therefore all those wishing to join must fill in a joining application form and send it to the Group Secretary or contact us via the group website.  This ensures that all those on the waiting list are offered places on a fair basis.

Q: What’s the procedure for moving up to the next section?

In the last term of Squirrels/Beavers/Cubs/Scouts you will be contacted by the Group Secretary and/or your Section Leaders to arrange your choice of meeting night at the section. After we confirm a space for your child we will arrange for them to attend three transition nights at their next section before moving up the following term.

Q: My child has lost their necker or badges…

We provide all members with the above when they are first invested into the 1st Alsager Scout Group and new right arm badges when they are invested as they move up to the next section. If your child loses any of the above they will need to be replaced at a small cost to yourselves.  Please speak to your section leader to obtain replacements.

Q: My child has left their coat at the Scout Hall…

All items left at the scout hall are placed into the lost property box located in the downstairs backroom.  The box is emptied at the end of each half term and any unclaimed items are donated to a local charity shop.

Q: How much do scout leaders get paid ?

All Scouting Leaders and Group Executive Committee members are volunteers who DO NOT get paid. They give up their own personal family time during the week and quite often at weekends to run scouting activities for your children.  So please be patient if, on the rare occasion, a leader arrives a little late for a weekly meeting night because they have perhaps been delayed at work or home.

Q: My son / daughter didn’t get a badge last week…

We appreciate that on some occasions young people are not able to attend a weekly meeting.  However we would like to point out that during a term leaders may plan a series of weekly meetings that will cover certain aspects of a badge or an award.  Therefore if your child does not attend every week it may mean that they could miss out on being awarded a certain badge.

Q: When are my child’s subs due to be paid ?

Subs are due for payment by the end of the term, in order to secure your child’s place at their weekly meeting for the following term. If subs are not paid by the end of the term, we will assume your son/daughter is not returning for the next term.  We will then offer the spaces that we have available to the children on our waiting list.  Unfortunately if at a later date your child decides they wish to return they may have to go on the waiting list.  The subs payment date can always be found on the ‘Parents / General Information’ page of our scout group website.

Q: Where do badges go on my child’s uniform ?

You will find links on our scout group website to show you the correct location of where all badges go on scouting uniform.